SHIPPING POLICIES: We do our best to ship orders in 4 working days of receipt. Allow 3 days for your order to get here (place your order by fax, phone, or online to cut this time down) and 3 for it to get back to you. Plan on at least 10 working days from the time you drop your order in the mail box. We ship all orders via First Class Mail unless special arrangements are made. There is the situation of having an item out of stock. If we expect it back in within a few days we will hold your order so it may be shipped as complete as possible. So, all things considered, 7 -14 working days is a reasonable time frame for you to expect to see your order. However, if you are living in another country this will take longer.

PRODUCT DELAYS: There are situations where an item can't be shipped for basically one of four reasons. We do as much as possible to minimize these situations but they do occur.

PRODUCTION DELAY: When Murphy's Law ("Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. At the worst possible time.") is the order of the day, sometimes there are situations in the production process that delay a product. This can range from replacing a worn out mold to not getting good parts out of a mold due to the weather (the resin does funny things if it is too humid or too chilly).

KIT BEING REDESIGNED: We are constantly looking for ways to improve our kits. The process of redesigning a kit sometimes takes as long as the original design process. However, the "new" kits are worth the wait.

MATERIAL DELAY: We also must contend with some parts being supplied by other vendors, decals, etched parts, and raw materials. A delay in receiving these items will cause a delay in shipping some kits.

REPLACEMENT POLICY (for all S.E.Ltd. Kits):

1.) MISSING PARTS: Describe the part, with kit number and name, and a replacement will be sent at no charge.
2.) DAMAGED PARTS (OUR FAULT): Send back part in question and replacement will be sent at no charge.
3.) DAMAGED PARTS (YOUR FAULT): Send back part in question (we all make mistakes) Include $1.50 for replacement.

RARE KITS / ITEMS NOT LISTED: We have worked very hard to include every item we make in our online catalog. If it is not listed, we do not have it. Also, we do not deal in rare kits, kit parts, or current production models. All items in our catalog are designed to work with 1/24 - 1/25 scale.

Please Note:

All of our kits are furnished unpainted and unassembled. Glue and paint are not included.

All returned items that have been properly authorized are subject to a 10% restock charge.

All unauthorized returned items are subject to a 30% restock charge.

Scale Equipment Ltd. reserves the right to make changes in product specifications and prices without prior notice. Our products are sold to the consumer for a non-comercial one time use only. Our products are sold to dealers/distributors for a non-comercial one time use resale only.