Scale Equipment Ltd. is the world's premier supplier of 1/24-1/25 scale diorama and display accessories - and we've been at it longer than anyone else. We're proud to be known with distinction among auto modelers, architectural modelers, diorama builders, model railroaders, dollhouse and miniature builders, and crafters as the best of the best.

From a life long love of scale modeling, an idea to provide after market detail pieces and superior customer service brought our first catalog in 1987. That single page described a mere handful of products. Today our catalog features over 300 unique and original designs, as well as several reproductions of all-time favorite accessories. Our goal is to provide the very best in products and in service to our customers, and we are proud of our proven track record for both.

Our product line is available through better hobby shops and, of course, here on our web site through our secure online ordering server. Browse our catalog, check out our product line, and enjoy the site.

THANK YOU for you interest in our products and services. We have tried to make this site easy to navigate as well as concise to allow you to make an informed buying decision about our products.

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UNPLEASANT BUSINESS: It has come to our attention that at least one, and possibly several, unscrupulous people are pirating some, or all, of our products for attempted personal financial gain.

This is totally immoral, unethical, and illegal. People engaging in this sort of activity are not helping anyone. The consumer is getting ripped off with an inferior product and, as a company, we lose sales. This is where the consumer gets the double whammy. As our revenue goes down, so does the ability to design new, original products for the marketplace. So, the consumer loses twice. What this amounts to is stealing someone's work and taking credit for it.

We would like to personally thank you for your interest in our products and/or purchase. We would also like to ask you for your help. First please don't accept imitations! Most S.E.Ltd products are packaged in hanging bags with a high quality header that has our name and address prominently displayed. The parts that go into our kits are of the highest quality material. Everything from the first run styrene, ABS and PETG, the precision milled wood, to the opaque resin. We feel that the best models are constructed from the best materials. Second, if you do see any of the bootleg items, please let us know about it. And fill us in on the details! You know, where you saw it, when, whose name was on the product and, if at all possible, the name of the person selling it. Sending us a sample of the bootleg item would be even better to have physical evidence to prosecute these individuals.

We feel that 99+% of the people in this hobby are good people. It is the fringe element that will ruin a good thing for We must stick together to keep the hobby we love, and get an enormous amount of satisfaction from, growing and healthy.
Please Note:

All of our kits are furnished unpainted and unassembled. Glue and paint are not included.

All returned items that have been properly authorized are subject to a 10% restock charge.

All unauthorized returned items are subject to a 30% restock charge.

Scale Equipment Ltd. reserves the right to make changes in product specifications and prices without prior notice. Our products are sold to the consumer for a non-comercial one time use only. Our products are sold to dealers/distributors for a non-comercial one time use resale only.